Sunday, December 21, 2014

Blogger Meet-up with Yuka from Pretty In Leather

I actually haven't met too many bloggers in LA or Tokyo yet (which is pretty sad...), but I was fortunate enough to meet Yuka from Pretty In Leather over some delicious Greek cuisine. She is such a sweet girl, probably what I imagined her to be even though I've only known her through her blog and Instagram. We had an early dinner at Kentro's in Downtown Fullerton, talked about everything blogging and being half-Japanese.


You can check out her blog here, and her Instagram @yukasaur.

What I wore:
coat: Topshop
top: Topshop
denim: Le Ciel Bleu (similar boyfriend denim here and here)
boots: Sam Edelman via Shopbop (more Sam Edelman shoes here)
clutch: Dezso by Sara Beltran



Friday, December 19, 2014

The Line Hotel, LA

While my friend Amy was in SoCal with me, she decided to spend a night at the trendy Line Hotel in LA. It was such a chic little hotel! The lounge & bar area was spacious and clean, and as you can sort of tell, we loved the sofas. It's a little lonely without Amy now as she is back in the grind in Tokyo, but I'll see her when I'm back for New Years. See you later, Amy!

先週、エイミーとロスのThe Line ホテルへ行ってみました。とてもお洒落でトレンディーなホテル!バーとラウンジエリアを気に入っちゃいました♪エイミーが東京に戻ってからちょっと寂しいけど、またすぐ会えるから大丈夫!



OUTFIT | Falling leaves in Shinjuku Gyoen with Jason Mordeno Photography

photos by Jason Mordeno Photography

Do any of you miss the fall foliage that just recently ended? I do, mainly because I hear it has already snowed in Tokyo, and also, you can't really experience the change of seasons in Southern California (palm trees and greenery all year round). I did another photo shoot with Canadian photographer Jason Mordeno, who I worked with earlier this spring. I'm so glad he visits Japan every few months - he is so extremely talented and a pleasure to work with. When we went to Shinjuku Gyoen last month, we spent a few hours trying out different locations in the park, different poses, etc. He started poking holes in a leaf and putting it in front of his lens, which confused me at first... but I can always trust his creativity. 

I wasn't sure about wearing this faux leather dress I picked up on sale at Zara, but I think it worked well with the backdrop. I mean, fall foliage can have a dark side, too, right?


What I wore:
boots: Target



Wednesday, December 17, 2014

umami burger @ the camp

A few days ago, I took Amy to Umami Burger at The Camp in Costa Mesa. Two starving girls after a morning of shopping = eating our burgers to the very last bite. Umami never disappoints.

My Skyed Apparel hat is the perfect accessory for a super casual outfit. Thanks always!




Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Huntington Beach sunset

With my friend Amy visiting my hometown of Huntington Beach for a couple days, it makes me see the city in a slightly different light. As we were driving along PCH during the sunset yesterday, she remarked, "You are so lucky to have lived in such a beautiful area." Having lived away from California for the past two years, I can understand her perspective a little better. Huntington Beach, or SoCal in general is a great place to live, and it was a privilege to have experienced the beauty of all this growing up. I will always have a deep sweet spot for HB <3 The sunset in December is gorgeous, by the way.